Hair Coloring

Our hair stylists excel at finding the style that best suits you from edgy to classic. Our hair salon is proud to feature Paul Mitchell, Rusk and Joico, Goldwell Products. Enjoy a complimentary beverage while you discuss your hair color needs with one of our expert colorists.



photo 3 (2)     Highlights

Rather than dying your full head of hair, highlights use bleach to lighten specific strands or streaks. By reacting with the melanin in your hair, the bleach causes a chemical reaction that results in the hair turning a pale yellow. The treated sections can then have additional toners added so you can achieve the most complementary shades to suit you. Because the color is diffused through your hair, you can get away with less frequent re-touches.


extention.20131012_150008     Lowlights

These work in a similar way to highlights except instead of blond, they tend to be warmer colors that blend naturally with the hair.


photo 4      Ombre

Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style.


Semi- Permanent Color

Sitting somewhere between permanent and temporary, semi-permanent hair color is a popular choice if you’re opting for a block color, or are choosing a darker hue to that of your natural

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