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Tres Jolie Fill-In Hair Extensions

The Balmain Fill-in extension system is an innovative method for adding volume, color, structure and length to your natural hair. Fill-in extensions are made of high quality 100% human hair, hand selected and developed with 35 years of experience. Fill-in extensions will remain in place for up to 4 months and will not damage the hair in any way. Depending on natural hair growth, Fill-in extensions will need to be reapplied within 3 – 4 months or the bond may become visible.

Balmain Hair products are the hottest new trend on the red carpet. Some of the many celebrities using these extensions includes Anne Hathway, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rhianna, and others!

The Tres Jolie Hair Extensions are available in 12, 16, 18 and 24 inch extensions. Check out Tres Jolie’s full site for all of the details of there extensions.

We use only 100% natural human hair

Hair extensions can immediately change the way you look and feel, giving you volume and length you’ve always wanted. Adding just a few blended strands to thinning or very fine hair can have dramatic results. Since hair extensions have improved greatly over the past several years, we are now able to offer a wider variety of textures, densities and colors than ever before. No longer for just adding length, hair extensions are being used all over the head to fix specific problem areas such as thinning hair, or even to camouflage a short haircut that’s growing out. Today, when hair extensions are professionally applied by a trained, certified specialist, the result will look, act and feel completely natural.

Melissa Poland  is an extensions expert who is dual certified in both Tres Jolie and the Euro SoCap systems. She analyzes, designs, blends and attaches 100% natural human hair on all hair types. Hair extensions are for the professional career women who just want to fill in some

thinning areas, add instant highlights or try a longer style without waiting for their hair to grow out.

Salon Redd Hair Extensions Services Explained

We offer 3 basic types of Great Lengths Extensions and often combine techniques for desired result.

Accenting – add panel of colors or long focal pieces; includes adding bangs

Volumizing – fullness varies based on quantity and placement of attachments

Lengthening – requires the most hair and quantity of attachments for long luxurious hair


We start with a 20 min preliminary meeting to discuss possibilities and help you decide if extensions are right for you.
Discuss desired results and placement design

Review texture options, color blending and hair length

Plan details such as timing and costs

Learn about the care and removal of extensions

Answer any questions you may have

Book your appointment for adding extensions today!





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